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FENDER Jazz Bass 1974/75

This bass is the perfect choice for players looking for a warm, full-bodied sound with plenty of clarity and definition. The alder body provides a balanced, resonant tone with plenty of sustain, while the maple fingerboard adds bright, articulate highs and a snappy attack.

The Jazz Bass is renowned for its versatility, and this 1974-75 model is no exception. With its two single-coil pickups, you can dial in a wide range of tones, from fat and punchy to bright and twangy, making it ideal for a variety of musical styles.

In addition to its great sound, this Jazz Bass boasts all the classic features that Fender fans know and love. The slim, comfortable neck makes it easy to play, and the vintage-style tuners keep your tuning stable and reliable.

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Rig’s name: FENDER Jazz Bass 1974/75

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