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Cookie statement

Cookie Statement:

Our website uses technologies like cookies and pixels, just like the majority of websites.

These technologies allow our website to function efficiently and help ensure that our visitors get the best experience.

This statement describes how Guitarsforcat uses these technologies.


Types of cookies used by Guitarsforcat

Strictly necessary cookies:

Cookies that perform essential functions and enable you to navigate and use the features of our websites.


Performance cookies:

Cookies that enable us to better understand how users interact with our websites and conduct online business. To do this, we employ web analytics tools. These keep track of things like how long it takes for our websites to load, how they are used, and what content website visitors most frequently access. This enables us to make improvements to our websites’ functionality, such as making it simpler for users to find what they’re looking for. In order to make improvements and make our sites function more effectively for you and other users, it also helps us identify areas of our sites that are not functioning as well as they should.


Functional cookies:

Cookies that make it possible for our websites to recognize you when you come back. This enables us to remember features you’ve selected (like the area you’re in) and to offer improved, more individualized features.


Advertising cookies:  


Cookies that inform us of the effectiveness of the online ads we publish and the best locations for those ads. They let us know when a visitor came to our website from an advertisement on another website, such as Google or Yahoo. This kind of cookie enables us to connect with customers who are more interested in our goods. As a result, after visiting our website, you might see our ads on other websites. Remarketing or behavioral advertising is what we use to tailor our ads to better match your interests.

We combine the data we gather from cookies with any customer records we may have about you. For instance, we may combine cookie data with personally identifiable information you share with us or data from our products to conduct product popularity statistics analysis, conduct profiling, look at how you use our websites and applications, or conduct behavior analysis.


Changes to this cookie statement

This statement will be reviewed and updated periodically.

This statement will be final reviewed and updated in January 2023.

If we change our notice in a way that materially changes how we process the personal information we hold about you, we will also ask you to confirm your satisfaction with those changes.


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