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Fender Telecaster 8502

Fender Telecaster 8502

Fender Telecaster 8502, a guitar that marries timeless design with modern craftsmanship. Renowned for its unmistakable twang and versatile sound, this Telecaster is your key to unlocking unparalleled musical creativity. The Telecaster 8502 boasts a classic ash body with a stunning butterscotch blonde finish, evoking the golden age of rock and roll while offering impeccable modern playability.Equipped with specially designed single-coil pickups, this guitar delivers that rich, bright, and crisp Tele tone that has defined countless hit records. From smooth blues to gritty rock, your sound will always be on point.Experience ultimate comfort and playability with a beautifully finished maple neck and fingerboard. The smooth surface allows for quick, effortless movement, perfect for intricate solos and powerful chords.

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Rig’s name: Fender Telecaster 8502

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