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Randall NB King 112

Randall NB King 112

Unleash Your Guitar Royalty with the Randall NB King 112!

🎸 Majestic Tone: Rich, dynamic sound with crystal-clear cleans and searing overdrives.

🔊 Power and Versatility: 30 watts of pure tube power, adaptable to any genre or style.

🎛️ Premium Features: Onboard spring reverb, effects loop, and footswitch compatibility.

🏰 Masterful Design: Rugged construction, portable size, and timeless aesthetics.

🎵 Reign Supreme: Elevate your playing with vintage warmth and modern aggression.

Join the guitar royalty. Rule the stage with the Randall NB King 112!

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Rig’s name: Randall NB King 112

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